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Annemieke Mulders

'Vortex' & 'Laminar'

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Simultaneously dynamic and rock solid, fragile and robust, complex and simple.

Annemieke’s process is one of destruction and rebuilding - textures and forms are made through dividing, smashing and chiselling, followed by a careful reassembly. This method creates fragility and complexity in the emerging form, reminiscent of geographies and evoking contemplation.

Natural variations in the process guide the narration, and the restructuring brings radical freedom and breaks away from conventional design elements.


Vessel: Porcelain, glaze.

Wall Piece: Porcelain, framed.


Vassel: H: 18.5cm,
Opening: 15.5cm

Wall Piece: H: 57.5cm,
W: 35cm

*all measurements are approximate


WA, Australia


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about the artist

Netherland-born Annemieke Mulders is a ceramic artist living in Perth, Western Australia.

Annemieke is driven by a need to understand things that puzzle her. In the past, this motivated her scientific research, while now it inspires her ceramic art practice. She aims to understand the relationship of tension between the orderly and the regular; the chaotic and the extreme. Annemieke seeks to create something meaningful by combining both.

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