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Netherland-born Annemieke Mulders is a ceramic artist living in Perth, Western Australia.

While the art of ceramic sculpture always played a large part in her life, Annemieke studied and worked in physics, taking ceramic classes in the evenings for over fifteen years. Her artistic practice was formed some years after moving to Australia.

Annemieke is driven by a need to understand things that puzzle her. In the past, this motivated her scientific research, while now it inspires her ceramic art practice. She aims to understand the relationship of tension between the orderly and the regular; the chaotic and the extreme. Annemieke seeks to create something meaningful by combining both.

Her process is one of destruction and rebuilding - textures and forms are made through dividing, smashing and chiselling, followed by a careful reassembly. The destruction and building up method creates fragility and complexity in the emerging form, reminiscent of geographies and evoking contemplation.

Annemieke regularly exhibits across Australia. Her works were curated as part of Manifest at the Australian Ceramics Triennale, Hobart TAS; Fluid State at Gallery Central, Perth WA; and the National Emerging Art Prize in Sydney NSW.

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