Trade, Loaning and Rental

Trade Discounts

A trade discount may be available to approved business customers in industries such as architecture, interior design, photography, styling and similar businesses.

Please contact us via if you would like to register as a trade customer and include your ABN, social media handle and current website. Please note that registration approval is not guaranteed, with approval or decline solely at discretion of Anfisa management.

Not all artworks are available with a trade discount, as it is upon consideration of an individual artist to offer one. Upon registration request, please let us know which works you are interested in and for which purpose.

Loaning & Rental

Some artworks are available for a short-term loan or long-term rental to both industry professionals and private customers. 
Short term qualifies as any term up to three weeks, with long-term up to six months. As it is up to the artist to decide whether the artwork is available to customers in trade industries, the private sector or both – each piece has its specific terms attached to it. Please check the individual product page for the loan and rental terms.
Please contact us via with a request for a loan or rental, noting specific items, the purpose of the loan/rental, the location where the item will be displayed, and the duration preferred.
Do note that while we will do our best to accommodate your request, the loan/rental is not guaranteed.
Damaged goods must be paid in full, with fees applying for late returns. A credit card will be required as a guarantee to secure the loan/rental.
Anfisa must be credited in digital or print publications where the loaned/rented artwork is featured.