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Nathan Karnovsky

Coral Series 'Fisherman's Portrait'

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"Coral series is inspired by my time in the water at Cocos Keeling Islands and Cape Range National Park. The soft bodies of marine creatures contrast the hard structure and texture of the coral.
My usual medium is oil pastels on paper; for this exhibition, I have embraced the challenge of making and painting portraiture on ceramics. The portraits expand my previous body of work, ennobling people who spend their lives working with their hands."

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Floral Design

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Stoneware with gloss white glaze and colbolt.


25 cm

*all measurements are approximate


WA, Australia


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about the artist

Nathan Karnovsky is a ceramic artist living and working in Perth, Western Australia.

Nathan was born in South Africa to a Danish-Lithuanian heritage. Being a 3rd generation artist, he has honed his skills in hand-building techniques under the guidance of his mother. Drawing from his background in fine art, Nathan seamlessly integrates his expertise in landscapes and portraits into crafting sculptural pieces. His creative process involves using glazes that are influenced by the rich history of ceramics.

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