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Kura Studio

'Cocoon Series' Vessel One

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Cocoon Series by Kura Studio feature hand-built vessels that aim to break away from the traditional symmetry, captivating the viewer with their dynamic form. Glazing is neutral and minimal, allowing appreciation of groggy clay and finger indentation.


Height: 30cm

Base Width: 80cm

Widest point: 15m

*all measurements are approximate




Perth, Western Australia


This vessel ships within 1-3 days from purchase from our showroom in Fremantle, Western Australia. We currently offer shipping Australia-wide and internationally. See Shipping & Returns for further details.

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about the artist

Kura Studio is a creative practice based in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Co-founded in 2017 by best friend duo Serena Pangestu and Anika Kalotay. Kura practice is embedded in the idea of 'making' and 'designing' as a way to explore concepts of living, working & consuming mindfully.

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