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Nioka Clay

'Tiered Mazharia #3'

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The 'Mazharia' collection by Kerri Louisa is an exquisite fusion of clay forms that draw inspiration from modern, elegant minimalism and historical architectural structures. Kerri blends various clay bodies, weaving a profound connection between the present and ancient cultures, paying tribute to the grounds we call home.

'Mazharia,' derived from Arabic, translates to 'Flower Vase.' For Kerri, the creation of functional vessels is driven by the sentiment of its universality. The vase, in its diverse expressions, serves as a universal thread that links us to cultures worldwide, spanning the tapestry of history, all united by the shared purpose of displaying the beauty of flowers.

Available for Loan

This vessel is available for a short or long-term loan. Contact us via to enquire.

Floral Design

Talk to us about adding fresh or naturally dried botanical elements to this vessel. Custom designed to order. Available in Perth only. Enquire via


Layered clay, Hand-built


Width: 11cm

Height: 27cm

*all measurements are approximate


QLD, Australia


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about the artist

'Nioka Clay' is a ceramic practice residing in Noosa, Queensland. Founded by the maker Kerri, it is named after the childhood connection to the land, embodying Kerri's roots in the Adelaide Hills and her inspiration in the natural world.

As a primarily self-taught hand-building ceramicist, Kerri loves to experiment and explore. In her exploration, she developed a heartfelt connection with blending different clays to form unique surface patterns.

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