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Jan Vogelpoel

Saturn Return

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 Bringing a little bit of the cosmos down-to-earth!

These vessels were inspired by Jan's favourite planet Saturn: Adorned with thousands of beautiful ringlets made of chunks of ice and rock make it the most spectacular planet!

Saturns Zodiac sign is known as the planet of life lessons, responsibility and karma. It’s also known as the time keeper and takes ± 29 years to journey around the sun.

These pieces are connected and fit together as a family but are available to purchase individually. 

$820 ( top left ) $1180 ( top right ) $920 ( middle ) $680 ( bottom )


Available with Art Money. 
10 payments. 10 months. No interest.


Clay, unglazed.

Please note that pieces are not watertight.


Victoria, Australia


This vessel ships within 1-3 days from purchase from Artist's showroom in Victoria, Australia. We currently offer shipping Australia-wide and internationally. See Shipping & Returns for further details.

Image Credit Bedthreads

about the artist

Combining a mid-century design aesthetic with a contemporary minimalist approach, Jan Vogelpoel’s intuitive and fervent process produces ceramic sculptures that hold an ethereal presence in any space, effortlessly reflecting connection, fluidity, and strength.

Each piece carries the energy of nature and the maker, and the characteristic raw finish of her work makes them highly tactile, recalling the textures of sandstone cliffs or ancient artefacts.

Image Credit: Bedthreads

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