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Lauren Joffe

'Night' & 'Moonlight'

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‘How insupportable would be
the days,
if the night with its dews
and darkness did not
come to restore the drooping
Henry David Thoreau, Night and Moonlight

These pieces were made thinking about night and darkness, and how subtle changes take place at night in the ways we interact with each other. In the soft shadows of moonlight our imagination is stimulated by the mystery of the dark.


Vase & Wall Piece: Stoneware, slip, glaze.


Vase: 43x32x32cm

Wall Piece: 8x22x30cm

*all measurements are approximate


VIC, Australia


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about the artist

Lauren Joffe is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Melbourne. She was born in Cape Town and, with her family, immigrated to Australia when she was young.

Lauren’s works are built by hand, using the coiling technique, and fired in a kiln at 1080–1250°C. She is primarily concerned with exploring the form and surfaces of her objects through mark-making and texture, preferring to make simple forms, using a limited colour palette to explore form through lines, tone, shadow and pattern. The surfaces of her pieces are hand-painted, and the act of mark-making is slow and meditative. , The fluid marks are applied in varying depths to create quiet shifts in the surface from gloss to matte. Lauren has recently begun to change the scale of her work by creating large-scale ceramic sculptures constructed out of multiple pieces.

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