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Alexandra Standen


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"I have always been fascinated with the functional and sculptural elements merging into one, altering the functionality of a vase or pot by quite literally putting a stopper in the top. I have often been asked, "Is this work functional?" or "Can I put water in this pot?". These questions emphasize the purpose of an object, sculpture, or work of art and don't allow the pieces to stand on their own merits.

Interconnected is an exhibition that has allowed me to explore this by taking seemingly functional objects and abstracting the form to the point of no return." - Alexandra Standen


Stoneware, terracotta clay, satin white glaze.


Formations Object 1
H: 36cm

Formations Object 2
H: 28cm

Formations Object 3
H: 25cm

Wall Sculpture 1
H: 45cm, W: 10cm

Wall Sculpture 2
H: 42cm, W: 13cm

Wall Sculpture 3
H: 47cm, W: 10cm

*all measurements are approximate


NSW, Australia


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about the artist

Alexandra Standen’s work explores our relationships to both physical and emotional spaces. Her work focuses on the subjective, cultural and ideological meanings of material objects, examining the way objects and their relationships act as metaphors for human behaviour.

Her practice also speaks to the process of making work in porcelain and a sense of unease that comes with engaging with a medium that holds a functional quality yet has a connotation of being fragile or precarious in nature.

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