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Victoria Martínez Zurbano

'La Capsula' & 'Las Gotas' | 'Capsule' & 'Drops'

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The capsule is a potent artefact in the pursuit of preserving a fragment of a portrait
inspired by the delicate harmony of natural cycles.

The walls sweat four uncontrollable drops from a boiling mixture. Their encapsulated
contents are an antidote that contains the reverence for the time in natural
cycles and our profound connection to them.

The pieces symbolise the essence of time within the raw beauty of nature's rhythms and our profound interconnectedness with the environment. They serve as a reminder to honour and safeguard the time that nurtures life.

My work encourages consciousness of the slow and ancient practice, urging a more sustainable future. This artwork celebrates life's impermanence, reflecting our place in the natural world and calling for harmonious coexistence.


Dark Stonewareand white slip.


WA, Australia


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about the artist

Victoria Martínez Zurbano (Toia) is a ceramic artist from Corrientes, Argentina, currently residing in Whadjuk, Perth, where she studies and develops her craft.

Toia's work seamlessly merges traditional South American hand-building prehispanic techniques with contemporary design elements. She achieves this by contrasting forms, textures, and the interplay of shadows.

Toia has spent recent years in her homeland fully immersed in her creative process, gathering clays from the river, exploring pieces of various scales and being a part of the community woodfire kiln firing ritual every full moon.

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