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Yang Qiu

'Dancing Squash with Corn Body'

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"My ceramic sculptures are born from a childhood of solitude as an only child.

In those moments of loneliness, I found companionship in objects, giving them personalities and character. This fascination is evident in my work, where I delight in adding legs and expressive faces. Each sculpture is a creation of friendship and imagination. As I shape the clay, I imagine crafting a new companion for myself, envisioning them dancing and celebrating with me in my bedroom.

Mushrooms hold a special significance in my art—they mirror my own journey. Like mushrooms, I find comfort in darkness, but I also strive to grow and thrive, radiating beauty. I incorporate local vegetables and fruits to create plaster moulds, symbolizing my connection to my surroundings and the nourishment that brings my glowing mushrooms to life.

Through my sculptures, I invite viewers to embrace the magic of imagination, celebrate the transformative power of friendship, and find joy in the dance of life. May my work inspire others to discover the beauty in ordinary objects and moments that surround us." - Yang Qiu

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Floral Design

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Mid fire slip and mid fire
clay, underglaze, lustre.


NSW, Australia


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about the artist

Yang Qiu is an interdisciplinary artist based in Sydney. She transforms everyday produce into whimsical ceramic sculptures, elevating humble vegetables and fruit into an artistic expression.

Informed by her background as a pastry chef and her interest in art, Yang began to explore ceramics as a means of artistic expression, studying fine art at UNSW in 2017, with a focus on painting and ceramics. During this time, she became particularly intrigued by mould-making, which allowed her to create objects of striking and unusual forms.

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