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Jess Sellinger

'Clouds of doubt' & 'Sparks of joy'

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Clouds of doubt / Sparks of joy' represents the constant push and pull of self-doubt and moments of joy within Sellinger's career. The dark cloud wall sculpture looms over the angelic gold vase, expressing the ebbs and flow of failure and success. Complementing everyday life, both pieces speak a language of overcoming failures and pivoting towards growth.

"Within dark must come light.
Within ups must comedowns.
Within failure must come success."


Wall Sculpture: Earthenware,

Object: Stoneware, gold


Wall sculpture:
H: 35cm, W: 39cm, Depth: 9cm

H: 37cm, W: 24cm, Opening: 9cm

*all measurements are approximate


QLD, Australia


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about the artist

Jessica Sellinger is a ceramic artist located in Brisbane, Australia. She naturally found clay after finishing her studies in Interior Architecture in 2019. Working with clay as her current medium, Jess is a one-woman show creating all of her pieces delicately by hand in her home studio.

Her current work consists of both minimal and bold objects of sculpture, vessels and furniture. She continuously experiments with bright colour palettes and sculptural forms, aiming to evolve the design and functionality of her works to captivate the viewer and make even the simplest of spaces seem artistic.

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