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Lara Louise

'All of My Heart, it wants to hold you’

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This ceramic pairing, ‘All of my heart, it wants to hold you’ by Lara Louise, is inspired by the transformative forces permeating our physical and metaphysical realms.
The piece’s organic curves and textures evoke the ebb and flow of ocean tides and the marks they impart on coastal rock formations over time. It’s a timeless dance that occurs not only within our landscape but also within ourselves through the experiences and encounters that shape and transform us.
This set serves as an altar – a sacred space to ground yourself for a moment and embrace the marks that decorate your essence.


Vase: Stoneware, Gold Lustre, Clear gloss glaze (internal), Sand, Pigment, Binder.

Wall Piece: Stoneware, Clear gloss glaze, Gold Lustre, Sand, Pigment, Binder.


Vase: (H)27 x (W)27cm, Opening 10.5cm

Wall Piece: (H)42 x (W)33cm x (D)5cm

*all measurements are approximate

Care information

The outside surfaces of these pieces have been treated with stain and sand which can be sensitive to excessive water exposure and abrasives. To clean, brush gently with dry soft bristled brush. Let surface dry completely without interference if exposed to water.
Treat with love and care.


NSW, Australia


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about the artist

Lara Louise is an emerging ceramic artist living and working in Eora/Sydney.

Inspired by symbiotic relationships within the natural world and how they echo throughout our spiritual existence, her works are an ode to the beauty of organic forms, ritualistic practices, and ancient artifacts. Her practice is both intuitive and devotional, combining wheel-throwing techniques with hand-built elements to achieve her distinctive aesthetic. The resulting works are an embodiment of the connection between earthly and transcendental realms.

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