Theodosius Ng 黄振康 (they/he) is a queer Chinese ceramic artist based in Naarm (Melbourne). They come from a background in visual arts, music, visual merchandising, styling, interior design, and decoration.

Ng’s ceramic practice began in 2006 and employs wheel throwing, hand building and experimental glazing techniques. They are passionate about cross-disciplinary practices and tactility in materiality. They are visually drawn to brutalism, religious architecture, sacredness in geometry and the natural world.

Inspired by their queerness, chronic illness and immigrant experience, Ng is curious about exploring the extraneous within the familiar through cultural, ritual, and spiritual concepts - revealing an inherent need to find pattern, beauty, and ritual. Their works blur the boundary between form and function and aims to co-create and collaborate with nature and humankind.

artist's works

A collection of sculptural works coming soon.