Naomi Kido Anfisa profile

Naomi Kido is a Japan-born ceramic artist currently working and living in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Naomi's wares are minimal and timeless, with each piece lovingly made by hand. Her style embraces variations and unique imperfections, making each work truly one of a kind.

"I was born and raised in Kyushu, where pottery is very popular. Although I had no connection to ceramics, I think I naturally developed an appreciation of ceramic wares. Japan embraces the use of various dishes during a meal, mixing and matching textures, shapes and sizes to food and drink."

Naomi's journey in ceramics started in 2012 after attending a pottery class. "From the moment I touched clay for the first time, I instantly knew I wanted to work with ceramics. I was hooked by endless possibilities and variations in clay firing, mixing and glazing methods."

After a few years of learning the art of clay in Perth, Naomi wanted to discover more about Japanese pottery and return to her roots. So she spent over four months travelling around small towns of Japan, meeting and learning from traditional potters. Naomi spent most of her time learning Bizen ware - one of six traditional types of Japanese pottery known in Okayama prefecture.

"I hesitate to call myself a ceramic artist. I believe the 'Utsuwa' (objects) I make are the tools of daily life that are nurtured and perfected by their users in their everyday life."

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