Astrid Salomon (‘Bastard Ceamics’) is an artist residing and practising in Melbourne, Victoria as ‘Bastard Ceramics’. Born in Germany, she later lived in Berlin, Hamburg, Sydney and New York. Astrid studied Photography and worked as a Fashion Photographer for many years, later turning to directing. All the while, she was painting, writing and experimenting with clay.

Astrid Solomon engages with distinct series in her ceramic practice, consistently seeking novel perspectives within specific artistic boundaries. The concepts for her work frequently find their roots in emotional experiences and the diverse phases of the human condition.

Employing a deliberate and gradual approach, each artwork takes shape through manual techniques like coiling or slab building. Astrid nurtures the distinctive character inherent in each piece she creates.

With every creation, she initiates a dialogue between herself and the material, delving into the inherent contradictions within human nature, skillfully balancing the raw and the refined, harmonizing straight lines and graceful curves, exploring spatial dynamics, and skillfully unveiling the subtle emergence of tangible manifestations.

artist's works

A collection of sculptural works coming soon.